God’s Incredible Love Seen In The Rituals And Ceremonies Of The OT

If  you have ever read through Moses’ accounts of Israel’s journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, one of the things that is likely to catch your attention is the elaborateness and the exactness of all the sacrifices and ceremonies that the Priests had to perform.
One might be tempted, as we humans are wont to think, that such demands could be so crushing and, well, demanding!
But what comes to my mind is the incredible Love God has for His people Israel, He loved them so much that he was willing to make such preparations so that He would be in the midst of them. All the ceremonies were so that they also would be a holy people lest by any means His coming to dwell with them would utterly destroy them.
I see God going to great lengths to be with his people, I see in those ceremonies, those rituals, the incredible love of a glorious God.
We may NEVER be able to fully grasp what it cost God the Son, to become human, and not only that, to be betrayed by his own creatures, slapped, tortured, mocked and crucified. We may never know! But the rituals of the Old Testament paint an ever so dim picture of this sacrifice on the part of God to dwell in the midst of His people. Let us therefore exult in the God of our Salvation, who went to such great lengths to dwell with us and not only that, to die in our place.
Soli Deo Gloria!


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